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IAWP is a leading source of legal news and current affairs in the field of law. Our reports cover all legal fields that dominate American society, including family law, lawsuits, murder trials and more. We strive to inform our readers with the latest in everything legal. Apart from news, we also post articles where our experts provide tips on legal strategies used in the court of law.

Part of our objective is to give an honest verdict on the nation’s decision makers. As the ones in power, they are in charge of making and diminishing laws. We vow to report their actions that could affect peoples’ lives. Whether it’s about taxation, immigration or divorce, expect to hear about it from us.

At our On the Record department, we interview the people and those in the loop. It’s important for us to get both parties’ perspective because the decision and effect of lawmakers’ actions will resonate to those who they represent. By getting their side of the story, we are able to report on how any of their legislations has fared.

We also provide various video feeds from the Legal News Channel to provide you with a third-party perspective on law. Looking from the inside can give us our own perception on how laws affect people. But, opinions from outside the circle can only help up gauge on how it really is. Moreover, every good conversation needs a fresh perspective. Having a partner overseas definitely helps us in the manner.

For more information about us, feel free to check the rest of the site. Our articles and video feeds are open to the public.