Paralegal CareerWith the Internet empowering people in unprecedented ways, there’s never been a better time to think about earning a degree, taking up another career, or making money full-time or on the side without leaving home. The advantages offered by high-speed connectivity are virtually countless, but here are two things you can think about if you’re planning to do something different and more productive with your life.

Be a paralegal

Projections for the paralegalism career have been positive for the last few years, and they continue to be. Lawyers are more expensive to retain for companies, so instead of having a team of lawyers to do even the most menial tasks in their legal departments, they hire paralegals. Paralegals do a lot of work for lawyers even in law firms. They do the filing, scheduling, some interviews with clients and other work that lawyers may ask them to do. A paralegal may earn $44,579 per year in salaries on average. The good news is you can get a paralegal degree online, so even if you are currently employed and do not have the time to attend classes on a campus, you can still become a paralegal, according to The Center For Legal Studies.

Be a language tutor

You can teach people how to speak a particular language via the Internet. If you know a language well and have been speaking or teaching it for some time, you can be paid more if you find students online who are willing to pay you to teach them. Many foreign students would like to learn English, for example. You can earn anything from $12 to $50 an hour doing this. If you’re teaching college or graduate students or professionals, the salary may be higher.

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The advantage that these two options present is you can do them from home. You don’t even have to get dressed up to go to work. Even if you’re a language tutor whom your students can see via webcam, you can still just wear a shirt with a collar and that’s it. It’s convenient and comfortable, and the returns are well worth your time.

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