Child Support Spelled by Magnetic AlphabetsIt’s of great importance that both parents participate in the raising of their child. They have to do this to ensure that the child is not only provided with his or her needs but also remains emotionally stable.

This is why child support is a necessary part of the discussion when it comes to divorce. It’s a requirement by law that the non-custodial parent gets to pay an agreed upon monthly allowance to help cover the child’s expenses. When it comes to it, family law attorneys in Colorado Springs will help you draft a child support agreement. The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne notes you should know that there are two kinds of deals that you can have drawn up

Limited Child Support Agreements

You should ensure that you have a child support assessment before entering into a limited child support agreement. The assessment should be from a child support agency backed up by the Department of Human Services. It’s advisable to ensure that the amount stated in your agreement is equal to or higher than that recommended by the child support agency.

Binding Child Support Agreements

It’s a necessity that both parties have legal representation before entering into this type of agreement. The attorneys need to offer each of their clients a certificate to show that they have received advice on matters pertaining to the agreement. These matters include the effect of signing the agreement on their rights and the pros and cons of agreeing to that. In the case of a binding child support agreement, the parents agree on the amount of child support and how and when it should be paid. The amount doesn’t have to be higher than that stated by the child support agency nor does it have to be paid monthly.

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These agreements can also be terminated using various methods. It’s best to seek legal advice once you need to make a move to terminate the deal. Due to the minimal representation needed in limited child support agreements, they happen to be easier to get into as compared to binding child support agreements.

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