a gay couple adopting a childThe process of adoption is straightforward, but not automatic. When thinking of adopting, you could choose among different types including infant adoption, fostering kids, foster care adoption, stepchild adoption, open adoption, and independent closed adoption.

But regardless of the route you choose and whether an independent party or third party agency would handle the adoption, it must involve the court, explains a top adoption attorney in Colorado Springs. That said, whatever the circumstances, below are some crucial things to keep in mind when adopting:

Filing the Petition for Adoption

You need to file a petition for adoption with the court and request that it approve your wish to adopt a child.

The Notice Period

Once you have filed your petition, any individual — including a parent, legal guardian, adoption agency, legal representative, or the child if he or she is older than 12—with a vested interested in the well being of the child, should be given a petition notice.

The Adoption Hearing

The hearing’s primary intent is to determine whether being adopted by you is in the best interest of the child. In the event that the judge deems it so, he or she would issue the final decree of adoption, which grants approval of the adoption and finalizes it.

Understanding State Adoption Laws

There are specific state laws that govern the adoption process and these would vary greatly from one state to another. That said, it’s important that you understand your state laws and the adoption laws in another state that might be involved in your adoption journey.

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Financial Considerations

You need to fully understand the financial implications of the particular adoption type you chose, including fees for your lawyer and for adoption agencies. It’s also best to ensure that you could comfortably afford to raise a child should you be lucky enough to be granted with one.

It bears repeating that the court should approve your adoption; otherwise, it won’t be considered legal. An experienced adoption attorney could help make the complex and overwhelming adoption process smoother. Yes, your adoption journey would feel like a roller coaster ride, but it would all be worth it once you get to take home a child that you could cherish and call your own.

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