Go around in BritishFor every traveller, the United Kingdom (consisting of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is a place not to be missed. While you are processing your UK visitor visa, take a look at this list of places you must see in each of the nation’s four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


England is home to numerous British attractions for the history lover, including the ancient Stonehenge in Wiltshire and the 18-acre heritage site, the Tower of London. It’s also home to the timelessly charming Windsor Castle, Roman Baths, Canterbury Cathedral and Cambridge University.

England has influence over modern culture and society as well. Dedicated fans of the Beatles may join the Fab Four Taxi Tour, whilst Harry Potter enthusiasts may join the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. Environmental advocates should take a look at the Eden Project’s artificial biomes in Cornwall.


Scotland is known for vast fields, natural spaces and castles which look like something out of a painting. Whether your entry point to the UK is Glasgow or one of London’s airports, however, you would not have difficulty getting around Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle is a definite must-visit, as well as the Castle Trail with its 17 well-preserved castle sites. In Scotland, you’ll find Britain’s largest lake, the Loch Lomond, and the Loch Ness of the mythical sea monster fame. Nature lovers would not want to leave the Isle of Skyes and the renowned Northern Highlands. With a pre-planned schedule, you may even witness the annual Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


You can’t go to Wales without visiting the scenic Snowdonia mountain range. With water surrounding three sides of it, Wales invites you to explore the Pembrokeshire coast and the quaint resorts like Llandudno and Portmeirion.

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Of course, what is the UK without castles? Visit Conwy for its medieval architecture and castles. More importantly, take a look at Caernarfon Castle, one of Europe’s most impressive and well-preserved forts.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland isn’t short of magnificent destinations. It is home to the Giant’s Causeway, a natural formation of basalt caused by a volcanic eruption millions of years ago. Twenty minutes from the capital city of Belfast, you will find the domineering Norman Carrickfergus Castle. You will also enjoy the Titanic Belfast, a star-shaped building which gives tribute to the city’s maritime history and the Titanic.

The United Kingdom takes proper care of the historical and modern landmarks which continue to boost its global influence.

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