Paralegal ProfessionArguably, of all nations worldwide, America is the most legal. Right from the onset, many of the Founding Fathers who in one monumental event signed the Declaration of Independence on a piece of paper were lawyers. Today, the country houses more lawyers than any other country.

Quite naturally, paralegals are proliferating in America more than anywhere else. The profession’s rise is certainly getting many budding professionals looking its way.

Land of Lawyers

You can call it coincidence but perhaps the legal profession is one reason why America still stands as a superpower nation today. Outnumbering medical doctors, the country has more lawyers than any other country – even those bigger in size or population.

Fact is, if you’re going to put the US Army and of the American Bar Association side by side, lawyers will outnumber the soldiers by 10 percent. Numbering over 1.2 million in 2011 – and counting – there’s one lawyer for every 300 citizens in the country.

Such prolific legal growth has boosted the paralegal profession. With growth rate pegged at 28 percent from 2008 to 2018, Bureau of Labor Statistics show paralegals are growing faster than any other profession – including, even, lawyers.

Increasing Your Value

If you’ve been thinking about it, now could be the best time to plunge into a paralegal career. The obvious advantage is unlike the legal profession, you don’t have to spend over 7 years just to become a paralegal. You could be certified in a matter of months.

Online paralegal schools such as exist to help you get needed education. With such online offering, you can pursue your degree without having to resort to ditching your current career. Such a setup would be most helpful for working moms and dads who may already have plenty of responsibilities in their hands.

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The best part’s many of these online paralegal schools are ABA-approved. This way, you can land the job you’ve been pining for at the shortest possible time, with knowing that the training you’re getting is certified and up to date.

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