handcuffs on white backgroundMost people facing criminal charges only fear one thing: jail time. A criminal conviction, however, has various penalties apart from serving jail time. These include payment of restitution, house arrest, community service, suspended licenses, and probation.
A criminal conviction goes far beyond the penalties you might attract. It is, therefore, extremely important to get a lawyer from a defense law firm based in Lynnwood immediately if you are facing a criminal charge regardless of its magnitude. Here are some areas of your life that will be affected by a criminal conviction:


In most cases, landing a job after a criminal conviction is an uphill battle. There’s no law that prohibits people with a criminal record from being employed in any field. Some states even have laws prohibiting employment bias based on an applicant’s criminal history. A criminal background, however, affects your chances of employment, especially in the private sector.

Adoption and Child Custody

A criminal conviction might significantly affect your chances of a successful adoption or winning a child custody case. Adoption agencies and the state want an assurance that the adopted children will grow in a secure environment. You may be the most loving person to bring up a child, but a criminal record might ruin your chances of getting such an opportunity.

Overseas Travel

Most countries will ask about criminal convictions when applying for a visa. A criminal conviction may dim your chances of getting one regardless of the offense. It also might prevent you from getting a green card.

Though it’s possible to have your criminal record erased, this happens after a long time. Everybody makes mistakes, and your crime shouldn’t affect the rest of your life in the above areas. With a good defense lawyer by your side, you can take the right legal action to avoid the consequences of conviction.

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