A vacant nursing homeMany seniors in America, 89% to be exact, opt to receive in-home care instead of staying at a nursing home, according to the American Association of Retired Persons. Most of them also have physical and cognitive impairments that require help with some activities.

Home care benefits seniors who want to remain independent while going about their daily routine with the assistance and social interaction of a caregiver. Apart from the joy and care such facilities provide, there are a few other reasons a home care assistance franchise in the US is a viable venture.

Demand Growth

Forbes reported that in the US, 10,000 people turn 65 years old every day. It has been happening since 2011 and expected to continue until 2029. With more people transitioning into the senior population, more American citizens will need assistance in the household in coming years.

In-home care is in high demand from elders who have Alzheimer’s and other dementia conditions and would rather stay in familiar surroundings. In addition, seniors prefer in-home care because it is less expensive than facility-based care.

The Path to Technology

One way to determine a thriving industry is if it includes a roadmap for digitization. Many industries are set to adopt new technology shortly, and the home care industry is no exception. If you think technology and seniors don’t mix, Pew Research Center debunks this myth, revealing that 42% of US seniors own smartphones while 67% use the internet.

By 2030, Gen Xers, a generation quite well versed with technology, will be a part of the senior population and will benefit from several advances that make home care more convenient and accessible for them.

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Apart from all these, running a home care franchise will give you the satisfaction of being able to provide joy, care, and company to the elderly. It gives you a chance to contribute to their good health and quality of life.

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