Employee RetentionEmployee retention is an important part of a company’s success. Not many clients will trust a business with employees constantly abandoning ship instead of staying for the long haul.

If you intend to have workers who will remain loyal to you and your business, here are steps to put into action:


A true leader is always aware of their need for improvement. Everyone should insist on being updated and informed, whether you’re a CEO of a big company or the owner of a small startup business. If your staff has something to say, and they feel it is a means of improving the office, then offer them opportunities to share their thoughts. After all, it’s their right to say their opinion, especially if it will mean bettering your business.


A worker must be made aware of their roles, responsibilities, and rights. Ignorance of the law does not give you carte blanche to exploit them. Teach them about their privileges as a worker and provide them with the right knowledge about mediation and employment disputes. Offer them training and seminars to improve their work performances. Plus, if you have any changes in your bylaws and agreements, inform them immediately.


Your employees come to work for different personal reasons. However, the major theme of employment is to earn money and further one’s career. Recognize excellent and smart work, especially when provided by a faithful and intelligent employee. Even if the deed is done with no major recognitions, evaluate them positively once every quarter, at the very least. Offer promotions and salary raises if they continue performing positively.

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The feeling of being appreciated, respected, and credited for good work done is far more assuring than empty promises and idle challenges. Consider the idea that, instead of calling them employees/workers, they are your true company partners. After all, every hour they put in contributes to your business’ growth and profit.

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