same-sex couple with a childThere have been various changes in many aspects worldwide when it comes to same-sex marriages. Unfortunately, most states only still allow marriage between heterosexual couples, who enjoy many protections and benefits under federal and state level.

If your state doesn’t allow same-sex marriage, you can pursue other legal options with the help of family law attorneys in Albuquerque, NM such as those from Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer. You and your partner will access some of the benefits and protections of traditional marriage under these arrangements.

Here are some of the available legal options for same-sex couples.

Common Law Marriage

In this arrangement, the law will view you as a married couple even without a marriage certificate. The primary requirement in common law marriage is an existence of intent for two partners to be as a married couple. You also have to be of legal marriage age, sound mind and be single.

The couple under common law marriage enjoys the same privileges as a conventionally married one.

Domestic Partnership

This agreement creates a legal relationship similar to traditional marriage in most states but not recognized under federal law. In a domestic partnership, you will be allowed to make medical decisions for each other, get inheritance benefits, and can access your partner’s health insurance plan.

The benefits in a domestic partnership differ based on your state’s law.

Civil Unions

These are not as common as domestic partnerships. Like domestic partnerships, civil unions offer protections and benefits of marriage to unmarried couples in dedicated relationships. Like a domestic partnership, you will need to apply or register a civil union to get its benefits.

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There is no reason why you and our partner should not enjoy the benefits of marriage just because you are a same-sex couple. You can choose from any of the above arrangements to make your relationship legally enforceable. Your ideal choice primarily depends on the options available in your state.

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