EmployeesAs an employee, you need to know your rights in the workplace. It could get tricky negotiating with your boss about these things, especially if they aren’t that cooperative. This is where lawyers come into the picture. They’re the ones who can help assert your rights, represent you in court, or update you on union arbitration decisions.

Whether you’re an employee or a self-employed professional, remember that you have the following rights:

Salary Negotiations

Lawyers from Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. would agree that decisions in union arbitration usually revolve around salary disputes between employees and their employer. Tenured workers have the right to form a union that can collectively ask for a salary increase if they feel that they are being underpaid by the company.

Anti-Sexual Harassment

Employees, especially female ones, are susceptible to sexual harassment in the workplace. If you have a coworker or a boss who you feel is intruding your personal space and is acting in a sexually explicit way that makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to talk with a human resources staff or a lawyer about this matter.

Maternity and Parental Leaves

Companies are legally obligated to provide parental leaves to single parents who need to take care of their children. For pregnant mothers, they’re entitled to take maternity leaves when they’re about to go into labor. These leaves are with pay, meaning the employees still receive compensation while not at work.

Breach of Contract

Employees and self-employed professionals typically sign a contract with employers or clients, in which all the terms and conditions are stated. For example, it should say that payment would be made after all services have been rendered. In case the employer or the client fails to do so and breaches the contract, you can get a lawyer to help bring this to court.

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Employees and professionals should know their rights in the workplace. A lawyer can help assert their right to not get sexually harassed, the right to not get underpaid, the right to take maternity leaves, or the right to ask for a promotion. With lawyers, you’re assured that there’ll be fair play in the workplace.

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