A lawyer speaking to his clientsFinding yourself in legal trouble can be stressful and worrisome, so ensure that you hire the right kind of lawyer who specializes in what you’re going through. Take civil litigation as an example; it alone involves five different types of cases. It includes landlord and tenant disputes, property disputes, personal injury or tort, divorce and family law and breach of contract.

If your particular case falls under any of these types of litigation cases, then you would have to find a reliable civil litigation attorney in Charlotte, NC. For now though, here are the differences between each case:

Tort and Personal Injury Civil Litigation

An individual who gets injured because of the careless demeanor of an entity or another person has every right to file a lawsuit asking for compensation.

Family Law and Divorce Cases

Conflicts and disagreements stemming from a family relationship is the kind of civil litigation case that majority of individuals have experienced at one point in their lives.

Civil Litigation Coming from Contracts

When a party neglects to complete their responsibilities listed on the contract terms, then the other party can file for a breach of contract.

Tenant and Landlord Disputes

Landlords and tenants often encounter disputes, such as evictions, which can lead to a court battle. Other disputes also include failing to fulfill terms of lease or conflicts regarding services a tenant alleges are missing.

Disputes Over Actual Property

Title claims, disputes on property line and conflicts regarding ownership rights are some of the civil litigation cases under this classification. More often than not, the usual remedy for this is more than just financial compensations.

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Any case that doesn’t involve criminal prosecution is deemed as civil litigation. Knowing the differences between each will help you better understand your case and how to address it. 

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