a couple signing divorce papersWashington State landed on the top 10 most expensive states for divorce based on the average cost of divorce attorney’s fees and filing charges.

There are, however, some ways to reduce your expenses. For instance, hiring a divorce attorney in Kent may be more affordable than the same person in Seattle. This could save you money since the average cost of a lawyer costs $10,600, while filing fees cost $314 on average in the state.

Expensive States​

The state’s cost of divorce ranks eighth on the list while California emerged as the most expensive state with average filing charges and attorney’s fees costing $435 and $13,800. These figures paled in comparison with the national average worth $215 and $10,180.

If you live in Washington, D.C., the cost of hiring a lawyer is the most expensive in the country at $14,800 on average. However, the capital only ranked 10th on the list. Since lawyers can be costly, divorcing couples should be aware of what to avoid when they plan to hire one.

Avoiding Pitfalls​

Most people become hesitant to talk about money, but this is a very important subject between clients and their lawyers. You should discuss payments before signing up for an attorney’s service, including the cost of retaining them or when they expect you to pay for their work.

Your prospective lawyer may also say something that you’ll not like about your case during the initial discussion, but remember that they’re only looking at your situation from a different perspective. Do your best to keep negative emotions in check.

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When choosing a lawyer, it’s important to consider their field of expertise. Don’t skimp on paying for legal counsel since you may end up losing more money if you fail to strike a mutually favorable settlement deal with your ex-spouse.

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