Personal Injury
Several factors can affect the outcome of a personal injury claim other than the tort law. At least more than a million claims were filed during 2011 until 2012, based on the studies conducted by the Department for Work and Pensions’ Compensation Recovery Unit.

However, the compensation gained for loss of future earnings often resulted in under-compensation for the personal injury victims in Salt Lake City and other places. William R. Rawlings Associates shares some insights on this area of the law.

Changing the current policy and practice

An analysis initiated by Cardiff Business Schools Victoria Wass has constructed a new methodology that aims to achieve better accuracy and consistency when it comes to awarding compensations to injury victims.

The research states the precise discretion of the possible negative effects of the disability caused by the accident on the employment of the victim. These victims often had to miss long periods of work in order to get the treatment and medication they need. By accounting these adverse effects, there’s a better chance that awards may be given in greater accuracy, consistency, and fairness.

Personal injury litigation strategies

Several strategies can be used in the course of litigation. According to a study conducted by Richard Lewis from Cardiff University School of Law and Politics, factors such as reputation and timing can play a role in the entire litigation process.


Almost a third of the lawyers interviewed in the study claimed that the reputation of the firm may have an effect on the result of the litigation process. However, a possible danger of this approach is that it tends to drive the costs associated with individual cases higher.

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The timing of the claim

Another strategy that can be used in the litigation process is the timing of the claims. The first to receive the notification of an injury may have a better advantage and may even have control over when the formal legal proceedings can begin.

Litigation strategies are relevant throughout the process of a personal injury claim. Working with a professional and well-established law firm is always the best option when going through such legal matters.

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