Senior Woman with Legal Nurse ConsultantLegal matters are not reserved for lawyers only. Legal nurses play a major role in medical cases. As a matter of fact, law firms treat nurses as assets in court cases. Hospitals and medical companies, on the other hand, have nurses in their legal team.

You too can become a certified nurse consultant and help lawyers understand more about the medical profession. It’s a lucrative career that will enable you to enjoy your job as a nurse and get involved in legal matters, as well. Here’s what else you need to know about being one:

The Job Description

The main job of legal nurses is to help lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and everyone in the law profession to understand medical procedures and terms during court trials. However, according to The Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting editor and also a legal nurse, Wendie Howland, nurse consultants have a broad range of jobs aside from providing medical assistance in legal court.

Nurse consultants also help lawyers understand medical issues discussed in medical and insurance industries, including administrative practices, standards of medical care, insurance planning, policy making, and more. In a broader sense, legal nurses help cross the bridge between medical and juridical matters.

The Duties and Responsibilities

Nurse consultants are experienced specialists who are expected to conduct research and study for the medical aspect of a case. Part of this task is the examination and analysis of medical records to be used in court. A certified legal nurse consultant acts as an expert during the trial, providing medical insights and advice.

The Workplace

Apart from working for hospitals and law firms, legal nurses are hired by forensic departments in police offices, clinics, insurance companies, pharmacies, health care companies, and patient care centers. Nurse consultants with proven track records and years of experience can start their nurse consultancy firms.

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If you’re interested in becoming a legal consultant and you’re already a registered nurse, your first step is to search for schools that can help you take a short course in legal studies. From there, you can gain work experience, take the certification exam, and become a certified consultant.

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