Kid hugging her adoptive motherThe adoption process is difficult and, depending on the case, a complex one. The parents of the child you wish to adopt may fight the adoption. This is why it’s crucial to seek the experience of a lawyer in Santa Fe who knows New Mexico’s family law well. The challenges, however, don’t stop once the papers come in.

Adopted kids struggle despite the care and love they receive from the families who welcome them. The Atlantic cites research from psychologist Nicholas Zill, which finds that one in four adopted children has a diagnosed disability, like behavior and learning problems. Adoptive parents, however, can help recent members of their family adjust over time.

The Problems Adopted Children Face

The problems in adjusting surface over time. Psychologist Zill found that teachers reported that adopted children failed to pay attention in class. They also struggled in handling difficult tasks.

Based on Zill’s findings, the kids developed behavior and learning problems. The worst part is these problems don’t fade over time. They multiply. Zill discovered that half of adopted kids in the eighth grade have diagnosed disabilities. What can adoptive parents do?

The Adjustment Period

Adopted children have unique needs. As adoptive parents, it’s crucial that you have a deeper understanding of how they feel and process their emotions. One way to make their transition easier is to provide a calming and reassuring space, particularly for younger children.

Let the child feel that he or she is welcome in the new home. Always remind the child of your love as a parent. In this case, words and actions of reassurance are necessary.

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Disciplining the child is best done with a time-in session rather than a time-out. This way, your adopted child knows that you’re available to talk as soon as he or she is ready. Isolating the kid won’t help.

A child may face the potential struggles Zill mentioned. But it’s your job to help the kid strive and thrive and make him or her feel loved and cared for, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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