Divorce concept shotRecent census data shows that New York has the fourth lowest divorce rate in America. It doesn’t mean the process is less ugly than anywhere in the country, though. Regardless of the location, divorce always is unpleasant to some extent. In most cases, no one wins, including the kids. However, not everyone has to lose either.

Mediation offers you a less costly and stressful way to navigate through your divorce. Then again, not all cases lend themselves to this option. Usually, Long Island divorce mediation is suitable when both parties…

Respect Each Other

Compared with litigation, mediation is the forum that allows each spouse to resolve divorce matters, such as alimony and child support, in a respectful manner. Facilitated by an experienced, professional mediator, it creates an environment where each one’s voice will be heard. Amiability is one of its building blocks. It won’t work when both parties are hostile to one another.

Can Express Ideas Well

Having the chance to speak, you have the opportunity to communicate your wants and needs in your own words. If you feel you’re articulate enough to represent yourself to negotiate for what is right for your situation, mediation is an excellent route to take.

The role of the mediator is not to craft the terms of the settlement. They only assist both parties to make mutually satisfying agreements. Without a judge, mediation can be empowering.

Have No History of Domestic Violence

Some couples are not cut out for mediation when there’s a history of domestic violence. A third party has to step in to make a fair, legally binding decision.

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An experienced attorney can help you determine whether your divorce case is a good candidate for mediation. The positive effects of this option on each party, especially on children, are too significant to ignore.


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