Lawyer explaining to client important parts of a documentThe Young Mr Lincoln (1939) tells the story of young Abraham Lincoln’s law practice before he became president. If you’ve seen the film, you can testify to how it depicts one of the most inspiring lawyer-client relationships ever told.

In a nutshell: Young Abe doggedly defends two siblings wrongly accused of murder.

The Young Mr Lincoln, alongside other inspiring films that dramatise the legal practice, is a must-watch for all current and would-be lawyers. It captures an ideal relationship between a lawyer and a client — one of mutual faith, respect, and honestly.

Unfortunately, real life is harsher than fiction.

Traumatised Clients

One of the biggest challenges a lawyer will have to face is the counsel of a traumatised client. Potential effects to legal professionals when consulting with traumatised clients include compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma. These should not sway lawyers from interacting with a client on a human level. Handle this situation with empathetic engagement. This means acknowledging ‘the existence and validity of the client’s feelings’.

For clients with a traumatic past, do not hesitate to communicate with your legal counsel. Let them in your thoughts and feelings, so they’ll know where you are coming from and how to serve you better.

Reaching Out

On the part of Townsville legal practitioners, Rapid Legal Solutions says that there are many ways to engage clients beyond the professional level. Here are a few ways you should consider:

  • Stay in touch through emails
  • Host events
  • Conduct surveys and listen to results

A lawyer’s main duty is to give the best counsel to their clients. A client’s, on the other hand, is to give their lawyer a winning case. In between these contracts, both should exemplify humanity.

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If things become muddled, you can always take it from Abe: “As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior authority of being a good man. There will still be business though.”

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