Privacy Policy

Here at IAWP, we exhaust all efforts to protect your privacy. Our privacy policy aims to help you learn more on the information we are collecting, how we use it, and why we collect it. Read this statement thoroughly to understand the terms and conditions associated with the collection and usage of your personal data.

What We Collect

We gather information about our users mainly to enhance their experiencewhen browsing and reading. We may ask you to provide your personal details for marketing and communication purposes. The information we collect may be used to identify and provide content that meets your needs and interests.

We also gather non-personal information automatically using cookies and similar technologies. This includes your browser type, IP address, and browsing details. We assure you that we do not share our users’ personal information with third parties.


IAWP uses cookies to understand user behavior and develop solutions, programs, or web features to serve you better. These will help us learn about your activities on our website. If you have concerns about the use of cookies, you may set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies or you may refuse and disable them entirely.

Links Provided on this Site

IAWP provides links to third party sites to help you obtain additional information relevant to what you are reading. Keep in mind that these websites have their own practices when it comes to collecting and using personal information. We recommend reading those privacy statements to understand their policies.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Our site may change this privacy policy any time without prior notice. Your continued use of IAWP’s site means you are accepting all of those changes. We suggest that you visit our site regularly to learn about the latest updates.