Family Lawyer in CanberraAdopting new members into your family takes time, money, and an abundance of love. It also takes a brilliant family lawyer to help you weave through the intricacies of the adoption process. Before you sign an attorney on retainer, though, you might want to do research on your local family lawyer, and if they have the qualifications and skills that you’re looking for.

When choosing your adoption attorney, Aulich Civil Law shares some questions you need to ask.

How Many Adoptive Families Have You Helped?

Adoption is a specialised branch of law, and you need someone who knows the ins and outs of the process. Asking prospective lawyers about their experience is a good way to determine if they’re the one you want. It also helps if they can give you case studies on the families that they’ve helped and their number of cases over the years. These information can give an idea of their range of experience and how successful they are.

How Much Will It Be?

It takes money to bring a new member into your family, so you have to be ready to face the numbers. Aside from asking your lawyer about their fees, also get details on specific expenses that arise during the adoption process. For example, international adoption may cost more than domestic ones, depending on where you are.

How Long Will the Adoption Take?

Just like the expenses, different cases have different process durations. Manage your expectations and ask your lawyer about the time it will take for you to adopt. An experienced attorney can give you an estimated timeline regarding your approval, and this can give you a realistic view of the process.

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Can I Contact You Any Time of the Day?

Another important factor to consider is your attorney’s availability. Most of the time, there are issues that need to be addressed immediately, and you need someone who can advise you on the legal side as soon as you call them.

It is important that you have the proper information before retaining a family lawyer. Ensure an easier adoption process by asking these helpful questions.

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