Closeup of blue e-learning button on the keyboardThe costs associated with becoming a legal professional are increasing every year. The average tuition in public schools cost $23,000 to $36,000 while getting in a private institution costs more than $43,000. Fortunately, technology has opened a new portal to learning through online courses. Below are some law-related courses you can take up online.

Legal Nurse Consulting

Online courses in legal nurse consulting are only available in masters and certificate levels. To become a legal nurse consultant, one should be a registered nurse first. The opportunity, however, is great for RNs who wish to work in the legal field. A master’s level in legal nurse consulting entails 30 to 50 academic credits and takes approximately two to three years to complete. You need 2,000 hours of working experience to receive a legal nurse consultant certification.

Paralegal Studies

Paralegals provide various services to attorneys such as interviewing clients and witnesses, doing legal research and drafting legal documents. Many institutions offer online paralegal courses. The program typically consists of 100+ undergraduate hours and tackles courses like Law in Society, Legal Research, Legal Writing, and Law Office Management.


Criminology is the study of crime from a social perspective and is considered a pre-law degree. It mainly focuses on law enforcement and criminal justice systems. Many institutions offer online criminology degrees, which consists of a 34-credit major sequence out of the 120-credit undergraduate requirement. The course looks into Advanced Principles of Criminal Justice, Research Methods in Criminology, and Criminological Theory. If you aren’t looking for a degree, there are many short online programs available on the Internet. Law studies should not be expensive; it should be affordable and accessible to all. Consider taking up an online course or degree to get into the legal field or further advance your education.

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