Requesting a Public DefenderIf you’re accused of a crime, you can hire a private lawyer or ask the court to appoint one to represent you. Depending on the nature of the offense, you either get a public defender or a court-appointed lawyer.

A public defender is a full-time employee representing the accused who can’t afford a private attorney, while a court-appointed lawyer runs a private practice and is occasionally hired by the court to represent indigent defendants. While the government pays them, it doesn’t mean that you have a better chance at winning.

Now, the advantage of having a public defender or a court-appointed lawyer is quite clear – free services. However, when your freedom and reputation are at stake, legal representation should be an investment.

Why Should You Consider a Private Lawyer?

Houston criminal lawyers say one significant advantage of hiring a private attorney is the ability to choose the legal professional whom you think will do the best job of representing you.

The common situation among public defenders is that they have massive case loads and very little time to focus on your case. Most public defense offices get as many as 80 clients a day, thinning out the resources. The hard part is that the limited amount of time devoted to your case directly affects the likelihood of your victory and loss.

In contrast, private lawyers can allot adequate time and energy to your case alone. If you’re facing criminal charges, your attorney will take ample time to review the facts and work up a strong strategy for your defense.

Your life should be an investment, not a gamble. When faced with criminal charges, go the extra mile to acquire the resources you need to retain a private criminal defense attorney. They have the experience, knowledge and commitment to help you win.

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