woman with broken footPersonal injuries can happen even in the safest work environment. There could be an accident at work or the working conditions could cause damage to your body over a certain period. Even work-related accidents may put you in the hospital and with hefty bills to pay.

As you recover from personal injury, tick the following off your list:

Compensation Claim

When you sustain work-related injuries, you may be able to get some form of compensation for it. This could be through reimbursing what you have already spent on medical treatment, or your personal injury attorney in Marysville could try to have the company shoulder the expenses. You’ll need to file the claim within the allowable period; otherwise, your claim may not push through. Feldman & Lee PS suggests that you keep all receipts and get all information about the injury from your doctors to back up your claim.

Dealing with Trauma

You’re recovering not just from physical trauma after an accident. You have been through a stressful situation, which may result in post-traumatic stress disorder. Even less intense symptoms of trauma may manifest. Talk to a therapist who can help you get past the negative experience so that you can come back to the workplace without panicking at the slightest reminder of the accident. You may also need physical therapy in case you have lost the function of your limbs temporarily.

Fit to Work

You may think you’re well enough to go back to work, but doctors have to clear you first. This means visiting them for a check-up and answering their questions truthfully. Don’t try to hide any pain, as these may indicate that you need more bed rest. Only go back to work once your body has fully recovered, so you can concentrate on your job and not on any pain that keeps coming back.

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No matter how careful you are, certain situations may lead to personal injury. Let your body heal and get the help you need to recuperate properly.

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